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4 Main Elements Of SEO In 2014-SEOLearnBD


4 Main Elements Of SEO In 2014-SEOLearnBD

SEO is constantly changing. In 2014 SEO need four main components content, linkbuilding, social media, mobile users. These four stuff is the main topic of SEO for 2014. High quality content and linkbuilding are the two oldest and strong strategies of SEO and they has always been. The newest SEO strategies social media and mobile users are added new influence of SEO. These four strong and effective SEO elements help to build improving SEO campaign. Let’s see how can work each elements to build successful SEO campaign.


In the online marketing there is a certain adage and one of this is content is king. In 2014 this adage is still important in SEO. Many of the once popular SEO strategies were spammed by Google algorithm updates. These algorithm updates want to create compelling content with a focus on the user’s intention and forced to publish quality content. Quality content is the main part of content strategy. After creating great content you need to know your target audience as well as what kind of keyword and phrases they are searching in the search engines. Besides understanding of real users you need to create great user experiences by regularly updated blog. High quality content automatically attracts links and get more page’s visibility in the search results.

Link Building

Links are the blood of SEO. Search engines count each link to a website as a vote for that website. A page’s has more links means this page rank high in search engines. You can get extra traffic by hyperlinks from another sites to your site. Links are from authoritative sites very powerful. In the spammy way you can get lots of link but these links dose not make sense and will get penalty from Google. In the link building strategy, quality trumps quantity. High quality content attract lots of valuable links.

Social Media

Social media is a popular sharing place where you can build your target audiences. Social media also plays a vital rule for a company to build brand, create community, raise awareness, attract new customer, drive traffic. Social media strategy is different for each company. You need to find target audience and what they are interested in. Building a strong social presence through social networks can help you to growth your company.

Mobile Users

Mobile optimization is the new SEO strategy in 2014. Now in 2014 it’s important that websites be optimized for mobile devices. Day by day mobile users are incredibly increases. Mobile users chose mobile devices than desktop to get quick information. More and more visitors are using their smartphones and tablets devices to browse the web. For this reason a mobile optimized site is important. Mobile optimization can generate more traffic, increase sales, boost customer engagement, increase conversation and reduce bounce rate.


Without these four components your SEO campaign can’t imagine. If you build a successful SEO strategy in 2014 you need to focus on these four SEO components. Once again, quality content is the king of SEO.

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