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About Guest Blogging? Advantages and Disadvantages of Guest Blogging


About Guest Blogging?

There’s a lot of discourse about the Guest Blogging. One writer writes post in another blog this is the basic idea of Guest Blogging. Guest blogger writes guest posts in your blog and you also write guest posts in another blog this is called Guest Blogging. Who is writes guest post he/she is a Guest Blogger. The Guest Blogging method used by bloggers to increase traffic in their site.

Guest Blogging method used for Link building. Besides,One high quality writer can be familiar with blogging community and also build a good relationship with bloggers through Guest Blogging. Guest Bloggers must need a keen eye for writing high quality content as a result, guest blogger get a lot of qualified readers through their Guest Posts.This is most important subject for guest blogger if you wanna to post is relevant to website’s topic.

Advantages of Guest Blogging:

Who are new and know few about guest blogging they thought “why I spend a lot of time to write guest blog post to someone else’s blog.” Well, if a blog’s have a lot of visitors and rank high in search engines and relevant with your niche so why you not take this advantage to write guest blog on this blog. Guest blogging is the most effective way to receive a lot of traffic to your website.

For Example,if you write guest blog posts for 10 blogs then you can get touch with lot of new readers they will share your post in their social contacts. Your reputation will grown and you will learn new techniques.These huge traffic can possibly helpful for your own business which you got via guest blog post.

You will get backlinks from on a Blog where you submit your post. Always try to write an original content because original content get high rank in search engines. So write useful guest post for your readers with latest news and effective news. Don’t post one content in various blogs.

Disadvantages of Guest Blogging:

There are also few Disadvantages to Guest Blogging. Many guest blog posts don’t have high quality because most of the writers are lazy they spun their articles and offer to multiple blogs this method is not good for their sites. Some blog owners  allow to guest bloggers to write guest posts in their blog who are writes low quality articles,spinning articles so these blogsites marked  as spam by Google.

Google Engineer Matt Cutts said, “If you are doing so many guest blogs that you are doing article spinning ,and likewise if you’re allowing so many guest bloggers that they allow things like spun blogs,where people aren’t really writing real content of their own,then that is a pretty bad indicator of quality. And if your website links to sites that we consider low quality or spammy,that can affect your site’s reputation. So the short answer is yes,Google is willing to take action if we see spammy or low quality blogging.”
So give more attention to write high quality content. I need 15-16 hours to write one content. I read and research a lot for writing one content. First,you have to choose blog having good page rank in Google and relevant with your niche.  Write unique high quality Guest Blog Post on one blog and not offer this post on multiple blogs.

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