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App Store Optimization(ASO)-Is it Related With SEO?


What is App Store Optimization(ASO)?

App Store Optimization(ASO)-Is it Related With SEO?
App Store Optimization stands for ASO. ASO is the process of optimize apps(like iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone ect.) to rank higher in the app store(Apple for iTunes/Google Play for Android). The whole idea of ASO is optimizing mobile apps in app store. ASO is the new SEO. ASO comes from SEO(Search Engine Optimization) so it’s closely related with SEO. But there are also has some differences rules.

Is ASO Related With SEO?

SEO is the old term most of us know it too well. Basically SEO is the process to determine how to get websites are ranked higher in SERs through presence quality links and optimizing content. On the other hand, ASO is the new term which was evolve in few years ago. So why it’s evolve? Well, there are in mobile app industry mobile apps demand are incredibly increasing. So app developers need to optimize their apps in the app store.

ASO is the process of getting app developers apps downloaded by many people as much as possible, without paying for downloads. So SEO and ASO, these two terms main object is to help promote online business and help to stay first in search engines or app store. This is the similarity of these two trends. And the two trends another parts are completely different. Now ASO is the most necessary concept for apps developers. Without ASO apps developers won’t be able to optimize their apps although their apps are high quality apps.


Obviously ASO comes from SEO and now it’s new SEO. So is SEO dead after evolving ASO? Actually now in this present time mobile app market is growing too fast. So, ASO will be around for a long time. And SEO, it’s not going away until search engines go away.

Note: In my next post I will describe how to optimize apps?

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