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How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes of SEO Keyword Research


How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes of SEO Keyword Research
Keyword research mistake is one of the most common mistake among the SEOs. This type of mistake will never lead your SEO strategy in the right way. Internet marketers and SEOs spend plenty of time and work hard optimizing their online presence or SEO to get ranked in the first page of SERPs for important keywords. Getting found in organic search and this is the fruitful results of effort proper SEO. Keyword research in the right way, is the main key of content and SEO strategies that help achieve that better organic search.

Keyword research is the most critical part of SEO, it’s results impact on both on-page and off-page SEO. So, if you do keyword research in the wrong way, it’ll badly impact on your whole SEO strategy. You should know what kind of mistakes you often do in the keyword research.

There are a lot of keywords, so which one is you can choose or how do you select targeted keywords? In this point you need to know proper keyword research. You can see these 3 keyword research guide-


In the on-page SEO part, the most common mistake is poor keyword research and this type of mistake do every startup blogger. In this post I will write 5 common mistakes that people often do in the keyword research.

5 Keyword Research Mistakes


#1: Selecting Keywords That Are Too Competitive

At the first stage mistake is most of people do keyword research as they select head term(one or two words) keywords. Head term keywords are most competitive, you will not get first place with head terms unless your website has pr 8 or 9. As a startup, you can choose long term keywords for getting SEO success. Selecting appropriate long term keywords with head term + proper optimization + high quality content = great SEO success for startups.

For instance, searcher search “how to use html center tag” and your targeted keyword “html tag” as a result people will not find your content because they searched more specific. Someone searching for “buy iPhone 6” and if your targeted keyword is simply “iPhone” then you may lose your potential customers. So it’s important to target a long term keywords with head terms that more specific to your content or product and these keywords will fetch lots of organic traffic from search results to your site.

#2: Targeting Keywords That People Doesn’t Looking For

Sometimes people targeted keyword that is not relevant or a little bit relevant with their content or product. This is the big mistake of keyword selecting, because search engines does not count this type of content which is not relevant with keywords. Your reader or customer will not find your site in the search results.

You should choose keyword that are highly related with content, otherwise, your website will not get place in the search results. For instance, your content is about “social media marketing tips” and your keyword is “social media tolls” as a result your reader will not find your content in the search result pages. You need to choose highly relevant keyword with your content or product that search engines take your keywords in the first page. First, you should understood your audiences that what they looking for from you.

#3: Misunderstanding the Search Volume Estimate

Keyword search volume still matters and it’s the very important metric when it comes to keyword research. People make the mistake of measure broad match search volume instead of exact match volume using Google’s keyword tool. There are huge difference between broad match and exact match search traffic.

Google keyword tool’s default search volume is broad match type. Google would potentially shows broad match volume as ad impression, it’s not exact search volume. Exact match shows you the search volume that you can assume your keyword exact search volume. Exact match gives you the best data that you can get deep insight to target right keyword. You can look more details about keyword match types in here. Avoid broad match type and always use the exact match type.

Another important tips is you should use Global volume if your target is the entire globe. Beside Google Keyword Planner Tool you can also use Google Trends, Wordtracker free keyword tools for getting search volume.

#4: Not Interested to look at Competitors

This is the another big mistake is not looking at your competitors keywords. First you think, why are you optimize your SEO strategy or organic search presence? Obviously, move forward than your competitors, is not it? All of effort you are putting to grab the top places of search page results than your competitors. If you don’t research the competitive keywords then you may not able to select the targeting keywords, targeting keywords are the main arsenal to get the organic search from SERPs.

You should research your keyword competition then you know your competitors keywords and their ranking. This research information gives you the best idea to select the targeted keywords for your own. You can use these free tools to track the competitive keywords. By using these tools spying on your competitors keyword and then select the targeted keywords.

#5: Not Spend Enough Time to Perform Good Keyword Research

Keywords are the main foundation of online marketing. Most of companies or people not spend enough time at keyword researching. They should spend time to do keyword research properly. Because the keywords you target for organic search, the keywords or key phrases you buy in pay per click and the keywords you focus on in your content, images and videos. So all of tasks you need to choice good keywords.

As keyword research is one of the main part of SEO success, you need to spend enough time at good keyword researching. Otherwise, your SEO strategy will not get successful for poor keyword choice. So spend enough time at keyword researching and then optimize these keywords with high quality content that lead your business in right way. You should also keep an eye on forums, blogs and other online resources for getting new keyword ideas. Good keyword research helps you get targeted keywords and helps you build a successful SEO strategy.

What other pitfalls you think that online marketers need to avoid for the sake of their SEO strategy? You can share your experiences or thoughts with us using the below comment box.


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