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Building Inbound Links In Top 5 Ways- Link Building Strategies


In my previous post I had wrote about link building and importance of link building. Today, I will write about how to build inbound links.

Building Inbound Links In Top 5 Ways For Your Website

How can build inbound links in the most 5 effective ways? Let’s see below.

. Ask people for a link

Building Inbound Links In Top 5 Ways- Link Building Strategies

Ask people for a link is a type of link building that another websites linking your site link in their pages for your request. This step is cheap but I think it’s useful step for start up websites. Asking for links it’s being annoying but if you want to exchange links you should link first. You can send an email to web developers for exchange links, it’s very possible.
You can ask for links from your friends,partners,co-workers, etc. but links exchange must happen with relevant sites. For example, if you have travel site then yo can ask for links from travel sites not another niche sites. It’s called relevancy. So let’s start your first link building step with “Ask people for a link”.

. Internal Linking

Internal links are a type of hyperlinks that go one page to another page and one post to another post on the same domain. You can also do internal link building in the other ways such as create different pages like “FAQ”, “Best Of” and publish a sitemap etc. Internal linking is the most easiest way to create link building because blog owner can create internal links as own wish.

But internal linking must create with proper anchor text and relevant with post topic, otherwise it’s mark unrelated internal linking and readers get annoying. Internal linking spread link juice(ranking power) around website, Google spider crawled old posts by new post and linking old posts get value from Google.

. Build Relationship

Build relationship is the still most useful way for link building. First impress are difficult when you’re building relationship. You would never ask someone to link to you. You can starting build relationship over Twitter by following them and tweet to them but never ask for links. Ask them questions about their blogs and their tweets and you also send an email to appreciate their writing.

Build relationship with web developers in many phases like blog commenting, Q&As, communicate via social media, find broken links via “screaming frog” then send an email to them for replace your link on broken link, Followerwonk tool etc. All these methods takes time and if you will success to build relationship with them then they’ll remember you and links to you.

. Link Out

Link out is another popular way for link building, but don’t be a link hoarder to use link out trick. When you are going to create content you can use link out especially those who are in your niche. So use it to gain links from other people.

. Authority

Authority sites are one of the top way to gain links. If you can linking your site pages with authority sites then your site rank high in search engines. Many people create multiple low quality blogs to linking to one particular website for acquiring links, it’s obviously a blackhat practice. Try to get links from .edu,.gov and military sites and established websites related with your niche. As a result, your site rank high in SERPs.

So let’s start link building in above ways. Let me know your tips on link building in the comments below. If it’s make sense, I’ll add it to the post!
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