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Check Keyword Ranking Position Using Google Analytics &Webmaster Tools


What is Keyword Ranking?

Keyword ranking is the position of keywords in the search results by searching specific keywords or keyword phrase on search engine’s search box. For instance, you type “casino games” this keyword in the search box and Google search engine will appear results about the topic of “casino games”.

In the below picture, you see games.yahoo.com site’s position is No.1 and games.com site’s position is No.3 for “casino games” search term. These site’s pages are ranking high in the first page of SERPs and grab the position of top 1 and 3.

Check Keyword Ranking Position Using Google Analytics &Webmaster ToolsRanking Position

Generally, people will click on those websites which are ranking in the top position of search results. So getting more clicks it’s important to monitor your keywords position, which keywords position are ranking high, which keywords are lead your business and which are not. If you don’t want your traffic will visit your competitors website instead of yours. Then you should keep monitoring on your keywords ranking and improve them to drive more traffic to your website. So how and where you can check your keywords ranking position?

What are Rank checking Tools and How They Work?

There is lots of SEO keyword rank checking tools where you can check your keywords rankings. You just need to put your site URL or individual URL and your chosen keywords for the purpose of checking rankings. After putting URL and keywords on these tools they will appear data that where your keywords or keyword phrases rank in Google.

So now see are these tools are effective tools for keyword rank checking? These tools are not effective tools and these tools are unable to provide exact data. Because, Google always keep improving their ranking algorithm and provide search results data with count other user experiences. These are Local search result or Geography, User’s search history, using social media especially Google+ for Google and Various devices(smartphone or tablet).

Goggle present their search results based on users search act. For instance, one of your keyword will rank on first page’s of Google and the same keyword will rank on #130 on Google based on individual users search behavior. So, there is most of SEO keyword rank checking tools are worthless because it’s not possible for these tool’s bot to grab different kind of users data from Google.

Some of tools are showing keyword ranking only if you put your site URL. Such as you put one of your site URL and these tools will show which keyword you are currently ranking for. Your individual site URL can rank on lots of keywords with their synonyms. So is these tools will show your all of keywords ranking? No, they will not show.

Now how can you check your keywords position and which tools you can use for getting a outline about your keywords? Well, I recommend Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are more better than other tolls.

Keyword Rank Checking On Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools can give you information such as keyword insights, Keyword ranking data, traffic trends based on content, Google indexing information, linking information(internal and external) etc. Now for the sake of keyword rank checking you can go Search Traffic section on the left side on page and now click on this will appear a pop-up. Now you can click Search Quires. Now you will see Avg. position of your keywords.
Google webmaster tool's search traffic sectionAvg. position

In this search quires section you will see keywords impression, clicks, CTR and Avg. position.

Keyword Rank Checking On Google Analytics

Google Analytics can give you various information of your site such as who’s already coming to your site with location, traffic source and what they are reading in the Real Time section and also give complete information of your whole site. Now in the keywords question you will see which keywords are bringing traffic to your website. Going Acquisition > Keywords > Organic, there is you will see your ranking keywords that’s are bringing traffic to your website.

Google analyticsGoogle analytics 2

Google analytics 3

You also see in Behavior > Site Content > All Pages section all of your popular pages that contain your targeted keywords. See in above picture.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is changing rapidly. In the competitive online marketing world you need to avoid using useless tools which are unable to give proper information. If you go ahead in the such as competitive online marketing you need to use these two SEO tools(Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics) for getting keywords information and with all of your site information that ahead you in the competition.

You keywords information give you a deep insight to properly understanding your users intent. I think in the present time, SEO success will defend on the creating quality content with target keywords that are highly relevant with content. You also need to understand of your users intent. If you are able to understand of your users intent and able to fulfill their desire with your effective content then you will be successful in the competitive online marketing.


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