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Effective 7 Tips and Tools for Using Twitter Marketing


Effective 7 Tips and Tools for Using Twitter Marketing

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free online social networking microblogging service and social messaging tool that enables for registered users. Twitter allows registered users to send and read 140 characters short posts called tweets. Twitter members can post tweets, follow other twitter users, can follow their tweets and can create personal twitter blog by using multiple devices and platforms. Twitter Users use their accounts as their own wish like for conversation, networking, discovery, news reporting and social media marketing.

Twitter Marketing Benefits

As an SEOs, do you use Twitter for your online marketing? If you still don’t use, you can embrace Twitter to get huge success. Twitter has 284 million monthly active users, that helps you to know that how popular social site is it. It’s a very powerful and popular social media site that you should know how to use it properly. Twitter is remarkable way to connect with new people, who are in your world.

Many companies have achieved a comprehensive success on Twitter, using Twitter they are able marketing their products and services to people around the web world. Twitter helps to generate leads, helps to branding products or services or personality, understanding competitors, market research etc. As a market research tool Twitter helps you interact with customers, helps you understand that what people are saying about you, your industry, your products or services.

Twitter is king among the social sites. It’s an open platform, it has a huge audience and it has endless opportunities for use. So, Twitter is a best social site where you can implement your social media marketing(SMM) strategy and you will expect great ROI from Twitter.

Top 7 Tips for Using Twitter Marketing

Here is top 7 effective tips that you can put into your Twitter marketing.

#1. Properly Fill in your Twitter Profile: There is a surprised news is the most of people who don’t put effort to fill in their Twitter profile properly. A good setting profile helps people to know about yourself and also helps you to build personality branding. So, make sure to have a good image, fill in your bio wisely, include your website or blog link, connect with people who are in your niche. Give Twitter users a good cause to follow you to see your profile.

#2. Share Relevant Content: Post relevant and useful content that they’d find relevant with their needs. Share news, tips, opinions, images or videos and various kind of information that may helps them and you also be familiar in your niche with regular updates. You can share posts and articles by others that your readers will find valuable information, you can also retweet their tweets if they make sense.

#3. Use Shortened links in Your Tweet: Tweets are looks like news heading so you can put engaging title with shortened link. Whereas tweet characters are 140 so you can use shortened link in your tweet for saving more space. Use link shorting helps you to save more characters instead of using long URLs. Google url shortener and Bitly are good for URL shorting.

#4. Select Hashtags Wisely: Hashtags play a vital role to find relevant content, so select or choose right hashtags that help followers and non-followers alike finding your content. It’s important to spend some time to selecting the right hashtags for your tweeting. It’s good to use a maximum of two hashtags per tweet.

#5. Use Twitter to Build Brand Awareness: Twitter is a right place to spread your brand massage and build your strong brand awareness. You just need to be social to create strong relationship, massage association and join in relevant conversion. Choose hashtags and keywords to your business, engage in Twitter chats and respond to your followers that helps you to build brand awareness.

#6. Avoid Self-promotion: Me, mine is seriously bothering and off-putting. While your own content is high quality content, avoid obsessive self-promotion. It’s good for every five or six tweets of curated content, share one tweet for the sake of promoting your own content. So, just don’t be selfish.

Effective 10 Tips and Tools for Using Twitter Marketing

#7. Generate Business Leads using Twitter: Keep monetize Twitter activity. Try to convert Twitter users to customers by creating right content, build relationship and post engaging tweets. Because 70% of Twitter followers like to buy products or services from brands they follow. You can also use Twitter Ads for generating more leads, as a marketing channel Twitter gives you a huge opportunity to directly connect with your potential customers and convert them.

Top 7 Free tools for Using Twitter Marketing

There are so many Twitter tools, so it is hard to know which ones are best tools for Twitter account management. Here are top seven tools used by top Twitter users.

1. Tweriod


2. Triberr


3. Twitterfeed


4. Tweetbeep


5. Tweetreach


6. Twitter Analytics


7. Twtrland

All of above 7 Twitter managing tools helps you successfully reach out to your Twitter users. These tools helps you to save your time, helps to manage Twitter account tasks in one tool, helps to get Twitter analytics data. Using these tools you can understand your Twitter audiences and get benefited by Twitter marketing.


This post’s tips and tools helps you to marketing your Twitter account in the right way. Have any useful tips, tricks and tools of your own? Leave them into comment box?


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