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Google Play App Store Optimization (ASO/SEO) for Android App


Google Play App Store Optimization (ASO/SEO) for Android App

Google Play App Store

Apple has Apple App Store and Google has Google Play Store. Google Play is a digital distribution platform, which was born and referred to by Google as the Android app store. Google Play is the Google’s official store for Android apps, games, apps, music, movies, books etc. for the Android powered phone or tablet.

Google Play Store has 1.3+ million active apps(source of Wikipedia) and day by day this amount of apps going to increase incredibly. Everyday Google developers are submit their apps in the Google App Store, so first and foremost they need to optimize their apps for app store. Because according to past 2 years record, that most of consumers use app store search to discover apps. So, which one’s app discover in the top of the app store search results this app will be get more downloads. Google developers need to pay deep attention to apps ASO/SEO for ranking their apps in the Google Play App Store search results.

Google Play App Store Optimization (ASO/SEO)

Given that Android apps need ASO for better search result. There are various things that those are needs to do App Store Optimization for Google Play and the Apple App Store. In this post I will write about these things that those are most common and specific to the Play Store and how to do work for Google Play Store Optimization. These things are Keyword research, keyword optimization,
put keywords in Title, put keywords in Description, Screenshot, Promo video, Icon and Linking.

Google Play App Store Optimization Factors


Keyword Research

The main pillar of Apps is selecting right keywords. So, first You need to select all of keywords which are related with your app then you need to track those keywords, which are completely dependable that your app ranking high in the search results. Add keywords to the app keyword research tool to find out how your app keywords going on. Without using any tools you would not able to know about your app keywords, that your keyword optimization efforts are working or not. When you researching keywords, just remember three things Relevance, Difficulty and Traffic R. D. T.

Relevancy is the first condition of keyword research so be sure to target highly relevance keywords to your app that get more downloads, when your app discover in the search results first pages for those keywords. Then focus on keyword difficulty or competition, lower difficulty keywords helps your app get ranking otherwise your app will fall in rank #150 or high.

These two steps relevancy and difficulty are most important steps then you should look at traffic or search volume. Try to find keywords those has high traffic scores and find high traffic scores for every individual keywords. Here is three ASO keyword research Guide that are helps you to understand about the keyword research and optimization.

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Put Keywords in Title


Put your 1 or 2 primary keywords in your Android app title that can help to rank well for those keywords. Google Play title limit is 30 characters so use it wisely with your targeted keywords.

Put Keywords in Description


You can also put your targeted keywords in the app description and this one is the biggest differences between Apple app store and Google Play store search. Apple has keyword field and Google Play has description, Apple takes the keywords from keyword field and Google Play takes the keywords from discretion field. Android app description limit is 4,000 characters and you can use your target keywords 5 times in this description field.

Create Attractive Screenshot


Your android app also need attractive and informative screenshots that helps better optimization. To create app screenshots purpose is if any user unable to see video for lower internet connection or anyone if not interested to see video, while may be your app screenshots helps to attract visitors to you app.

Use screenshots that are visually appealing and add text in the screenshots that people get benefited using your app. Give people useful information through screenshot that compel their to download.

Create Promo Video


Video is the important part of Android app optimization. For better app optimization you should choose or create great video for your app. Be sure to create informative video that helps your user to know about the app and try to highlight most important things of your app. You can also add your YouTube video to your app profile because YouTube is the product of Google.

Create Icon


App icon also is the visual appeal of your app. Icon is the first thing that user see in the search results. So, your icon must be high resolution and attractive to attract people.

Create Links

You can also get benefit from web search traffic for your android app. You can get backlinks and traffic from another websites to link to your app page and write about your app. More backlinks means high ranking on Google Play App Store. You can also create your own blog so people can find out about your app.


This is the effective guide for your android app that helps how can optimize your app for Google Play Store. Hope that enjoy this post and lets start app optimizing. Happy App Optimizing!

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