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How To Build Backlinks & Traffic With Cinemagraphs



In my previous post I told about meme marketing for the purpose of gaining links and traffic. Today I will tell you about cinemagraph marketing for the same purpose of gaining links and traffic. Link building/earning is vital for online marketing and helps to build successful SEO campaign. Let’s see how cinemagraph works for link building purpose.

What Is Cinemagraph?

A cinemagraph is more than a photo and it’s simply a .gif file. Cinemagraphs are introduced by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck they are the founders/creators of the cinemagraph. Cinemagraph is photograph in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. Generally cinemagraphs are published in an animated GIF format, people it can give the illusion of a still image but with cool motion effects. In this post’s pictures you can see these cinemagraphs are photo turned into a very short movie by making them into an animated gif but in these cinemagraphs the majority of the image retains(like photo) because it’s not moving, but there is a section of the image that’s moves(like video). That’s called cinemagraph.

How To Build Backlinks & Traffic With Cinemagraphs

How Cinemagraph Create Links and Traffic?

Cinemagraphs are very effective tools for image marketing. You can use cinemagraphs in your blog posts instead of your standard images. Cinemagraphs are attractive and have been created from famous scenes, as a result your site’s cinemagraphs can be spread on internet through social sharing or using by others blog. So, your site get lots of links and huge traffic. Quality content with attractive cinemagraph can help you to reach in your goal.

If you have your own cinemagraphs then you can set up your privet gallery of rich images, then you can make a list of bloggers that you can reach out to (in your specific niche). There are tons of bloggers who are in need of unique images, you can offer your images for free to them as a result you can get links, traffic and increase your pitches’ conversation rate.

Cinemagraphs are very strong tools for brand marketing. Like, a restaurant owner create a cinemagraph with a beautiful plate of food or the bubble of a glass of champagne, that can be published by his website or sharing by social sites. It can be a great marketing for his brand. Real estate company, product company and other companies can build successful campaign with cinemagraph.

How To Build Backlinks & Traffic With Cinemagraphs

How Can You Create or Find Cinemagraphs?

You can find cinemagraphs online all over the place, even you can create them yourself or here. There are plenty of tools out there that you can make your own cinemagraph. You can also create your own cinemagraphs by hiring a professional photographer or graphic artist.

You can also use another websites cinamagraph by contact the creator for asking permission. Here I listed four websites where you find awesome cinemagraphs.



Cinemagraphs are attractive, awesome and play vital role for link building and brand awareness. Cinemagraphs make content more alive and attract more attention than normal content. You can use above tricks to get links and traffic.

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