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How To Build Backlinks & Traffic With Funny Memes


How To Build Backlinks & Traffic With Funny Memes?

Link building is still an important SEO factor and weighted heavily in the algorithm. Link building process for obtaining links has changed dramatically. Today, I will tell you about how to earn natural links to your website by creating memes.

Memes are just silly pictures with punchline. We all know that memes are awesome. Memes are funny, shareable and play an important role for viral marketing, link building and social propensity. So, let’s introduce with meme.

What is a Meme

Meme the term first appeared in the 1976 book The Selfish Gene BY Richard Dawkins, where the term meant a unite of imitation that is passed between people. Meme is defined as a concept, behavior and idea that spreads via the internet. Meme or an internet meme is a piece of content that’s sheared from person to person, changing and evolving along the way. Memes can includes images, videos, audio, stories and quotes, but for the purpose of this article I will refer only to images.

How To Build Backlinks & Traffic With Funny Memes

Why We Use Memes?

Memes are viral, this is the main feature of memes. Primarily, over the internet most people use it for recreation and distraction. Facebook, YouTube are so popular for these funny memes and most of companies like CHEEZburger.com have built it’s popularity and empire over the internet with using funny images and videos.

Memes are hilarious gem and people love sharing these. Just look at your friends who are spreading funny images over Facebook and if you find something particularly entertaining, you’ll pass these to your friends, who in-turn pass these on to their friends and the process of sharing will be continuing. That is how content goes viral.

Where I Can Create Memes and How?

Memes are easy to make, this is the another main feature of memes. A sense of humor and a basic understanding of Photoshop can help you to make funny memes. If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, don’t worry. There are free online tools where you can easily create your own memes. There are has Quick Meme, Meme Generator and Meme Maker tools where you can create a meme in a few second.

How To Build Backlinks & Traffic With Funny Memes

You need to practice to improve your sense of humor that you can create funny memes. With a good sense of humor and the tools mentioned above, putting together you can make super memes. In these tools you can select popular images or attractive images which is match with your site niche and fit for your audience. There is most important point is, the better you understand your niche as a result it’s easier for you, to create funny memes for your audience. You can read this post Make-a-Meme, how to create memes step by step.

Spreading Your Memes Via Social Media

Well, after making your own memes and then applicable to your niche, now you need to spread these memes through social networks to help your memes go viral. OK, now let’s see how can work social networks?


There is no need to tell Facebook is how much popular for over the world. We have all seen and enjoyed memes shared by people in the Facebook and other social sites. You can also use your social networks to spread your memes for content marketing. In your Facebook fan page just posting it and see how can your content goes viral. You can also share your memes to the top Facebook groups and pages like your niche.

Like Facebook you can also use Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Google+ all these websites are great place to share your content. Twitter helps in making your meme viral through retweets. Google+, Pinterest and StumbleUpon users love images and in these sites memes are good fit for going viral and get lots of traffic and backlinks to your site.

meme sharing

Reddit and Tumblr

Reddit and Tumblr also another best social sites to post your meme. Reddit and Tumblr has million of users, there’s users also love images and if they like your memes then they will share your meme and you will get traffic and backlinks.

meme marketing


At last, I want to tell high quality content with amazing memes(which are nicely match with your niche) can help to grow your company, from getting lots of traffic and quality backlinks. You can build effective link building and viral marketing campaigns with good meme. A good meme is a small way to get huge visitors, comments and dofollow backlinks. So, submit your content to all social sites mentioned above, you can also find another social sites for this submitting purpose.

That’s it! Happy meme sharing and have you any questions ask me in the below comments.


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