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Backlink Strategies-How To Build .gov and .edu Backlinks- SEOLearnBD


No problem whatever you call (Edu, edu, .edu, or Gov, gov, .gov) that’s are top level domains (TLDs). Backlinks are still play vital role for SEO purposes. So, what kind of backlinks are most powerful for a website? Well, backlinks from high authority sites like government sites(.gov), education sites(.edu) and high page rank sites links are very powerful for a website.

Google gives special value to .gov and .edu sites because these sites have age,trust and domain authority. If your site’s have edu and gov backlinks, your site will rank high in SERPs and search engines mark your site as authority site. Getting backlinks from these sites is help you with your off page SEO in big way. For implementing these techniques you must have to keep relevancy.

Today I will tell you how to get free backlinks from .gov and .edu sites.

Blog Comments

Most of educational and governments sites have comment section and it’s a very glad news for link builders. You’ll need to install the SEO quake extension, it’ll help to identify PR of websites and you’ll be drop links on easily. Here is this link SEO Quake

Backlink Strategies-How To Build .gov and .edu Backlinks- SEOLearnBD

So, implementing this strategy you have to find appropriate edu and gov sites with correct modifiers.

Backlink Strategies-How To Build .gov and .edu Backlinks

Here you see I used site:.edu modifier as a result search engine show me about “377,000,000 results”. To get specific results you need to use these modifiers to reach your target niche. For example,I search site:.edu travel+inurl:blogs leave a comment for travel niche.

Backlink Strategies-How To Build .gov and .edu Backlinks

Here you see search result show edu domains in the travel niche. You can use same modifiers (site:.gov travel+inurl:blogs leave a comment) for gov blogs look here.

Backlink Strategies-How To Build .gov and .edu Backlinks- SEO Learn

So, whatever your niche you can search with modifiers.

Remember that, when you are building these edu and gov links you should keep relevancy. You should focus on blog comments where you leave comments would add value and helpfulness to audiences. As a result you can build powerful links.

Forum comments

Many educational and government sites have forums, so you can join edu forum and gov forum sites with (site:.edutravel+inurl:forums,site:.gov travel+inurl:forums) modifiers. First and foremost, you have to find relevant niche and leave a valuable reply as a forum member. You can create a profile on edu and gov forums and keep your link in signature column and get backlinks. In edu and gov forums you can join forum discussion.

Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building is another effective way you can used to get edu and gov backlinks as well. To find broken links easily you can use Bookmarks Checker – check for bad links. This extension help you to find edu and gov site’s page that has broken links. Now you point out the broken links to the site’s owners and request them to replace your links with your relevant resources. If webmaster want you will get a quality backlink.


Backlinks from edu and gov are very powerful links for your site because edu and gov are high authority sites in the eyes of Google. But make sure you have to build link with high authoritative sites, this is not an easy task. Keep trying to get links from these sites. However, by following above tips you get valuable edu and gov backlinks.

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