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How To Fix 404 Errors By Set Up 301 Redirects- For Your SEO Campaign


What is 404 errors

A 404 error page means dead page or not found page. When pages are removed or URLs are modified then shows 404 error, which means that the page is not exist. The 404 error page is unhelpful for users and users also get annoyed to face this 404 error. The 404 error is a very common SEO mistake.

As a blogger often you need to update your website information through modifying URLs and editing pages and this is on-page optimization but this variation affects on off-page SEO as well- particularly links.

Where are you find 404 Errors?

So, Where are you find your website’s 404 Error pages? Well, I recommend you to use Google Webmaster Tool it’s just a fantastic SEO tool where you find 404 errors(crawl errors) and other information about your website. But first you need to add your website and sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool for access this tool.
As a blogger you should have Webmaster Tool access for SEO purpose.

Once you’ve set up Webmaster Tool access you can easily check 404 errors by going into the crawl errors

google webmaster tool's crawl error section

You can select 404 errors into the two sections see above image. If your site’s have broken URLs this crawl error section will display 404 errors URLs, if have not any broken URLs then this crawl error section display “0 not found”. You should to clean up these broken URLs as soon as possible.

Why it’s very important to reclamation 404 error links?

404 error pages are your site’s missing pages. So you should need to quickly reclamation these dead links. You should run these URLs via a backlink analysis tool to check how many pages are pointing links to these 404 errors pages/dead pages. Here I’ll be referencing that backlink analysis tools:

Open Site Explorer
Raven Tools
Majestic SEO

In above backlink analysis tools you will put your 404 error pages and see where your 404 pages were spread.
It’s very important to reclamation 404 pages because search engine bots didn’t crawl these pages and users also didn’t read these pages. Your 404 pages may be spread in social sites, bookmarking sites and other sites where you were linking.
So if you are not quickly redirects these 404 pages you may lose your traffic.

How can redirect 404 pages by Redirection Plugin?

Redirection Plugin is a WordPress plugin which simplify this process. You should redirect it to relevant pages on your blog. First you need to download, install and activated this Redirection plugin then you will easily redirect 404 pages. Here you see how to use this plugin:

How To Fix 404 Errors By Set Up 301 Redirects- For Your SEO Campaign

In the source URL section you will keep your 404 error URL and in target URL section you will keep modifying new URL. After setting URLs now you should click Add Redirection. To make sure that it works just go to old URL and check is that redirect to the new URL.

So, that’s all about the fix 404 errors by set up 301 redirects. Do let me know which plugin you are useing for your 404 links reclamation.


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