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How to get More free Backlinks from 13 High PR Sites


How to get free Backlinks from 13 High PR Sites

Backlinks is an incoming links that’s also familiar as inbound links. Links are come from one website to another site this called Backlinks. Backlinks are very important for determining websites renown. So search engines give more importance if websites/blogs have more backlinks. In this post I listed top high page rank websites where you can get free backlinks, if you will give your best attempt. So let’s see at below list.


Pinterest is the popular images website. In this website’s users follow each other and share their images. Bloggers get one dofollow backlink from pinterest to verify their sites in profile bio section.
Here is one content about dofollow and nofollow for newbies who were not familiar with dofollow vs nofollow


Reddit is the top popular news website where you can submit your article link and also write posts on “submit a new link” and “submit a new text post” option as a result you will get traffic and backlinks.


Digg is the popular social news website. In this site everyday visit a lot of people for reading news. Digg is the best resource to get traffic and backlinks. You can submit your articles and article links,stories,videos,blog posts etc. then you will get more backlinks and visitors for your site.


wikiHow is a wiki-based community,it has published 163,000 articles with how-to manual and wikiHow had 35.5 million unique traffic. wikiHow is a website that anyone can edit, create a new page, write articles about how to do something. Thus you can put your site link and get more traffic and backlinks from wikiHow to you website.


eHow is the another how-to based website like wikiHow. It has 1 million how-to articles and 170,000 videos. For getting backlinks and traffic the author can put own site link at the bottom of the article.


Yahoo!Answers is a place where people share their thoughts through ask and answer questions in any topic. This is a collaboration site where people find all type of answer question in any topic. You can put your link in your answers.


Twitter is the top social networking and micro blogging site where people share their news to send and read “tweets”. Tweets are text messages and written within 140 characters. You have must create an account for post and read tweets then you can keep your links in your posts.


Flicker is the top popular image sharing site. In this site people upload images and share their images. You can Keep your site link in your profile page.

You Tube

You Tube is the top popular video sharing site where people upload their videos and share any kind of news via video. You can also upload reliable videos which is related with your site topic. So sing up soon and link your site in your profile.


Squidoo is a community website where people create lenses with their interest. You can make a lensmaster page and keep your site link in bio section with anchor text.

Facebook Fanpage

Facebook Fanpage is really helpful for getting traffic and rank high in SERPs. It’s easy to create and will take only few minutes to complete. If you have a lot friends then Facebook fanpage drive these friends to your site as traffic and your site will get natural backlinks.


StumbleUpon is discovery engine and it’s a web 2.0 site where allow you to make a free account and create pages,photos and videos. You can create StumbleUpon profile pages with your link and will get traffic and backlinks.


folkd.com is a social bookmarking site. First make an account then add your link in “Add a Link” section. This site provide do follow backlinks.

Note: All of above sites allow users to make free account and users must need to create account for free backlinks.


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