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How to SEO?

The method of creation a site “search engine-friendly” — also aware of as “SEO” — is  obviously the most  significant feature of website design. Many, many  mercantile websites are planned and set up by people who know little or nothing about SEO—how to give the search engines what they  requirement to see when they exponent your site. This long page  hold the news (or links to it) that web designers should know about optimizing a website for the search engines.The most significant thing to know about search engines is that SEARCH ENGINES ONLY INDEX TEXT.Make that your content while designing and optimizing your website. They don’t exponent images good, and they don’t  exponent Flash good.When there are some exceptions to that system, as search engines are becoming more  knowing and more  capable to exponent files such as PDFs and the captions of graphic files, and some of the text in a Flash file — for all effective motive just mind that rule: Search engines only index text and you won’t go too far false in search engine optimization.There are a lot of  minimal things you can do when designing or re-designing a site to get best rankings in the search engines — and each little bit helps in the  finish result. There is no one glamor thing you can do to get top allocation at a search engine for your website. But you can do a brush of small things that will add up to  lovely placement in the search engines for the key words you  choose that are connected with to your web pages. You can and should optimize more than one page of your website for the search engines; it’s not somewhat you do on just one page and scamper doing on the repose of the site. You can optimize your home page for your individual most significant keyword phrase and other pages for various key word phrases. If you sell various products on various pages, each page can be optimized for that special product. That’s a better trick to arrange it. We consult search engine optimization on at least a dozen master pages of your site, for the best  production. Don’t annoyance optimizing pages on which you do not have public content, or pages such as a “contact us” or “privacy policy” or “copyright info” pages. The pages you want to optimize are the pages you want people to search — those pages with content about your service or product–whatsoever you are selling.

How to seo – let’s get started!

1.Put a Good Domain Name

2.Put a Good Web Hosting Company

3.Configuration Out Your Key Word Phrases.

4.Set Up Your Meta Tags

5.Set Up Your <Title>tag

6.Don’t Bother with a Meta Keyword Tag

7.Set Up Your Meta Description Tag

8.Pick Key Words in Headings

9.Put Key Words in Your Text

10.Pick Key Words in Alt Tags

11.Pick Key Words in Anchor Tags

12.Usage a robots.txt file

13.Validate your HTML code

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