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Importance Of Forums In SEO and Top 50 Forums Sites List


What is Forum site?

Forum posting is an online conference community where users exchange open massages. Forum users are individuals and members where participants participate by share ideas,thoughts and asking questions and reply to answers. Users can ask anything about related thread or topic and give reply also related thread. Forums have million users.

Importance of Forum Sites in SEO

Forums is really helpful and important part of SEO. Forum posting is a part of off-page SEO. Forums is the open and great platform for branding. Users add links through signatures and get backlinks but users have to must check forums links. Is links do follow or no follow links? Because Google don’t count no follow links. Natural forum posts and discussion could help boast the page rank which is helpful for your main site. Forum users get the quality backlinks and more traffic by the help of forums posting. If you have quality content and if you expert forums user then you can snatch lot of traffic from forum sites to your site. SEO forums participant can increase their SEO knowledge. Here I collected top 50 SEO forum sites for you.

1. High Rankings

2. SEO Chat

3. Teneric

4. Search Engine Forums


6. Ozzu

7. Moz

8. SEOForums

9. Search Engine Watch Forums

10. Seo Forum

11. WarriorForum

12. Google Community

13. Seo Book

14. WebmasterWorld Forums

15. Forum Search Engine

16. SitePoint

17. Search DaniWeb

18. Digital point

19. SEO.com

20. CNET Froums

21.SEO Black Hat

22. eWaelth.com



25. Web Hosting

26. SEOSunite

27. SEO Tactics

28. Webdigity

29. ClickBankSuccessForum

30. On Page SEO Forums

31. Dream Team Money

32. WebProWorld



35. SEO PrestaShop Forums

36.Webmaster Forum

37.Webmaster forums

38. phpBB


40.Thirty Day Challenge Forums

41. Webmaster Key

42. Search Engine Roundtable

43. Taree Internet


45. Site Owners Forums


47. SEO in The Desert


49. Simple Machines Forum

50. Search Engine Optimization forums


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