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Importance of NoFollow Links


Importance of NoFollow Links

We are all know about follow links and nofollow links who are working for our own site or for clients. For beginner, here is this dofollow and nofollow topic post. We know nofollow link means obviously search engines not count these links. Nofollow link means no SEO value and Google ranking algorithm doesn’t count nofollow links as ranking factor. Most of link builder guys who are work for clients, they are trying to earn links and receiving a nofollow link they feel like a slap in the face. So, have any value of nofollow links? Yes, nofollow links are also important links like follow links. In this post, I’ll explain about the importance of nofollow links for SEO.

Importance of NoFollow Links

In 2005 Google launched rel=”nofollow” tag against spammy activities. Google wants people to think nofollow links means no value. But most of SEO experts shared their own thoughts that nofollow links has value based on their own experiments and experiences. Obviously, dofollow links mean direct SEO value. But nofollow link also have hidden power like followed ones. Like, nofollow link drive direct traffic from any sites than followed link and in any time. Nofollow link play a great rule about traffic, revenue, exposure, brand awareness etc. Nofollow links turn into follow links. For example if you tweet your best content with best headline then might your followers will retweet this content link. So, obviously, these retweets are follow.

In this era of Penguin update, link diversity is the key. Link diversity means all of your sites inbound links and outbound links need a balance. Have you think about your site’s all of inbound links are dofollow? Most of bloggers were changed their dofollow links to nofollow out of slapped by penalty. So all of follow links or all of nofollow links are not good for a site, mix is fine. There is both of links are need equal balance.

Link building should be create in right way for getting more traffic. If a person clink on link and visit your site and leave instantly, the value of link goes down is it follow link or nofollow link. So, we need to view links to gain relevant audiences and build awareness. If you can get a great link from relevant and reputable site you get lots of target audiences and they will keep their visiting to your site again and again. Makes your effort on creating quality content that will naturally create mix of follow and nofollow links.


Although nofollow links are not count by SEs, nonetheless nofollow links are valuable and play a vital rule to build great brand and exposure. It’s most important that to get nofollow links from right people at the right time. In the best SEO perform, we should obtain links all about balance.

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