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How to Install and Setup W3 Total Cache Plugin for SEO


What is W3 Total Cache

First, I want to tell “W3 total cache” is a WordPress plugin which is help to speed up WordPress sites. This plugin is very popular for faster caching, improve server caching, improve user experience of site by increasing web server performance, decreasing the page load times and provide transparent CDN integration.

Most of popular sites and million of sites used this plugin. Website’s speed is very necessary for SEO. In this article, I will describe how to install and setup W3 total cache plugin.

Before installing this plugin I highly recommend you to check your website’s speed using by Google Page Speed and Pingdom tools. These tools give you a before and after correspondence.

How to Install and Setup W3 Total Cache Plugin for SEO

W3 total cache plugin is not balanced with other caching plugins so before using this plugin you need to make sure you uninstall other caching plugins.

To install this plugin go to WordPress admin panel then click on plugins then add new. Type W3 total cache in the search box then enter and now you can install this plugin. Follow below screenshot. This plugin’s author Frederick Townes .

How to Install and Setup W3 Total Cache Plugin for SEO

W3 Total Cache Settings

W3 total cache plugin has different configuration sections. First go to WordPress admin panel and click Performance Menu, now here you can access every steps of this plugin.

settings section

I.General Settings

Page cache

Page cache : Tick to Enable
Page cache method : Select Disk Enhanced

page cache

Page cache is a first option of w3 total cache which is help to reduce the website’s loading time and increase page speed.


Minify : Tick to Enable
Minify mode : Select Auto
Minify cache method : Select Disk
HTML minifier : Select HTML Tidy
JS minifier : Select JSmin Default
CSS minifier : Select Default


Minify cache decrease the size of static files to save every single kilobyte.

Database Cache

Database cache : Tick to Enable
Database cache method : Select Disk

Database cache decrease the server load by caching SQL queries.

Object Cache

Object cache : Tick to Enable
Object cache method : Select Disk

Browser Cache

Browser cache : Tick to Enable

Always visitor visit websites, when a visitor visit a website and go one page to another page second page take more time from first page because web browser downloads page’s all files to raise the user experience. In this case, Browser cache sets a time limit. After check the Enable box under Browser Cache section now click “save all settings button.” Now you have to visit Performance page to Browser Cache option for more settings. In this below pictures you see if you click all tick boxes which I had mentioned then you will see all below settings on that page are automatically saved by itself.

browser cache
browser cache picture 2


Leave it

Reverse Proxy

Leave it

Here is the my site’s speed result by Pingdom. See below screenshot.

pingdom result

Really, after using this w3 total cache plugin now my website’s speed increased. So, what about your site speed and what plugin are you use for speed up? Let’s share with us in below comment box.


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