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Is Keyword Density Important For SEO To Rank High in SERPs?


Every webmaster wants to know is keyword density work for ranking high in search engine results(SERs)? Some say’s it’s work or some say’s it’s not work. So, what is the truth? Let’s see.

What is Keyword Density

First, let’s be clear about keyword density. Keyword Density(KD) is a important part of SEO that means the percentage of times a keyword or keyword phrase is found in the web page content.

For example, a web page contain 100 words on it including all headlines, captions, alt tags and advertising, and in this page’s a keyword phrase found 4 times so this pages keyword density is 4%. That’s density. Keyword density formula is keyword occurrence / total words = 100 percent.
Keyword phrases or keywords as a percentage of indexable text words. keyword density is the measure of keywords, that SEs determine pages are more indexable or low indexable.

Actually, there is no hard and fast rule for what keyword density should be. But if keyword is not recognized as a main topic of a page, search engines(SEs) won’t be clear about the page. At the same time, if a page’s keyword density is too high that search engines penalize this page for keyword stuffing. Ideally 2%-3% density is the best keyword density to search engines. Personally I recommended keyword density up to 2% based on my own experience.

In the early days ’90’s keyword density was the main factor for search engines but today, keyword density is the minor factor for SERPs rankings. Although it’s(KD) the minor factor for SERPs rankings but still it’s a main factor of On-page SEO.

Is Keyword Density Important For SEO To Rank High in SERPs?

Definitely, still keyword density is the important part of SEO. Proper keyword density is most important for post publications. Proper keyword density means not more keyword optimization.

Such as, in your post’s you indicate one particular keyword again and again it’s called over optimization or keyword stuffing. High keyword density is called keyword stuffing which may penalized by search engines.

So what should you do for proper keyword density? You should write your post naturally to focus main keyword as a result readers read post naturally. In your post you can mention a specific keyword for several times.

Such as first time you mention a word and next time you mention that word again it’s really good to rank high in SERPs. But if you mention it a whole lot like seven – eight times, it really marked spam to search engine, readers also get annoyed. Nowadays search engines have gotten smart they are surely penalized for keyword stuffing so you should avoid it otherwise you will fall in danger.

Keywords In Special Places

Search engines gives more value page’s title, URL, first paragraph, headlines, bold and italic keywords and these all of places is keywords special places. So, if you put your keywords in these special places your keywords will get rank high in search engines.


With these special places and avoid keyword stuffing your written will get the top place in search engines first page. You should use the keywords just to make the complete sense, clear the concepts and should look natural.


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