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Keyword Selection Strategies for Google Play & Apple App Store-Part 1


Day by day, mobile app market going to explode, app developers need to pay special attention to app store optimization (ASO), specially keyword optimization. ASO is the only one app marketing way for your app. Selecting the right keywords is the first step of app optimization for your app. Keyword optimization help to boost your app on the app store and help to improve the organic search visibility of your app.

Optimizing keywords can great impact on your app downloads and incredibly increase your app downloads. According to research 63% of mobile app downloads from app store search queries. So spend enough time on keyword researching.

Where To Find The Relevant Keywords?

First, you need to know the source of right keywords where you can get keywords ideas, then you can go to select the right keywords for your app. There are some best starting places to look for keywords that are truly being used on the App Store. You just need to keep deep attention at this point. Now you can create a spreadsheet to keep track all of your keyword ideas.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google Keyword Planner Tool is a most popular and useful place where you find good keyword ideas. This tool will provide you with useful information about search volume and related keywords. The ideas may be to broad to be helpful to select the right keywords for your app.

Google Trends

Like Google Keyword Planner Tool you can also use another keyword suggestion tool Google Trends for choosing the relevant keywords. Google Trends provide stong indication of the volume of a search query in relation to a base query. For example, in this below picture you see “breaking news” search query and compared search queries “national news” and “interesting news”.

Keyword Selection Strategies for Google Play & Apple App Store-Part 1

This picture’s you see “interesting news” has low search volume and this keyword will not very successful than “breaking news” and “national news” keywords. Google Trends offers relevant keyword suggestion.

Spying On Competitor’s Keyword

Analyse on top competitors keyword is a great idea to found relevant or right keywords for your app. Relevant keywords only lead to great conversions!! There are has top tools for analyse competitors keyword. Here is an example from Sensor Tower of what the popular game Talking Tom Cat uses for their keywords.

talking tom app

You can’t use your competitors keyword for your app but you can get extensive ideas for your app. You need to just check at what other apps are matching with your niche. So, spying on competitors keyword to get very targeted ideas for your app but no hacking.

Asking People On Online Forums

Asking People is the another great source for finding the relevant keywords. So, you can ask many people on forum sites as a result you may know what search terms they are actually think about your app or a similar competing app. You can ask people for getting good keyword ideas and create a keyword pool.

Other Sources

App Store Title

App title has most important keywords, so titles are a good starting step to get good keyword ideas. So see your competitors app title for getting relevant keyword ideas.

App Store Reviews

You can search the top rated reviews on app stores of your competitors app for relevant keywords. First select 5 star reviews because those reviews contain most positive keywords. This process is very tedious so you can use Review Analysis Tools like Sensor Tower Review Analysis Tool that can help you filter thousands of reviews out there and choose the top ideas.

App Store Descriptions

Filter the descriptions of your top competitors app. Because some apps has important relevant keywords in their app description. But be aware that copying.


In this first part I described some best sources where you can identify relevant keywords(once again relevant keywords lead to conversions). There is no single tool out there but has many tools that will help you in your keyword research process. By researching you can get great keyword ideas that will also help you to understanding of your market. So, create keyword pool by following above tips.

In my next post I will write about how to select keywords with 3 steps for keyword optimization.

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