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On page SEO: Tips-Ranking Factor-Checklist


On page SEO tips

Solid Technical Site Structure

We should new website check before on page in SEO by three methods:
1. Error Free Code: First time, we will check our website coding whether has an Error Free code. So, we go to this link Validator and check our website, our website has a coding problem then we will be repairing the web developer.Error free code

2. Index system:  Our website is so beautiful and has a good content. But we are stopping our website indexation by robots.txt. Then, robots Googlebot isn’t counting our website database.So, our website cannot be coming in google page.Don’t worry we will repairing indexation by two code.
1.For allowing all the robots :[it is coding for indexation on]
2.For disallowing all the robots :[it is coding for indexation off]
3.Easy link Mapping: Many links stay in our website content. If a visitor is coming to our website that they are not seeing content all link together.Then visitor is outstripping from our website.So, this is a problem. We have solved this problem by sitemap code.
1.sitemap code adds in our website.Then sitemap is knocking Google Aysha.
2.Google Aysha will be seeing our content unique link and she will count unique link in database.

Optimized Title Is The Key

1.Title: Google-bot is optimized content title tag and link. Google display is showing our 512-pixel content title.But we do not measure 512-pixel title tag.So, we are kept title tag under 55 characters, that is 512-pixel title tag.Wrap your title in an H1 tag. Example:
Title and Tag
2.Mention target keyword: Mention keyword must stay in the title and kept first or middle.

Visual Media To Lower Bounce Rate

Visual Media means animation picture, videos, images. You can add visual media beside content.Cause, when a visitor is coming in your website and he will attend to visual media. Then reduces Website bounce rate and increase time on site.
Website Bounce Rate

Regular High-Quality Contents Matters

Website life is content. If you want that your website will be a high rank on Google page.Every month Three content write in your website.Contents are 2000+ word in length, rank higher than other contents with less word.
Regular High Quality Contents

Keywords In First Paragraph

According to your keyword should be kept in the first 100-150 word of the article. Then, Google knows this article based on the keywords.So, we will do keyword in the first paragraph. It helps rank your website.
Keywords In First Paragraph

Image ALT Tags Adds Value

when Image upload in your website then your target keyword write in Image Alter Text.For example:
image ALT Tags Adds Value

Take Care of Website Loading Speed

Website Loading Speed is very important for rank.Suppose, If your website loading speed is low that visitor will bother on your website.Then Google isn’t showing your website in google page.How to check your website?You go to this link Gtmetrix and check your Website. Gtmetrix analysis your website URL and result is 80% or 80+. Then you know your website loading speed is good. we can do Two WordPress plugins install and increase your WordPress website loading speed is very fast.
1. Wp Super cache [Do  your website coding compress]
2. wp smush it [Do your website image compress]
Website Loading Speed

Make Your Site Responsive

The Responsive website is very important. Cause more visitor come from mobile, tab and they find out different information from Google. So, we will do our website make responsive has a one plugins for website responsive.
1.wp touch [ it is WordPress plugins and make your site responsive]
Responsive website


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