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Penguin 3.0 Update Released- How to Recover From it’s Attack


Penguin 3.0 Update Released- How to Recover From it's Effect

Google has released Penguin 3.0 update on Friday, October 17, 2014, and currently this update is live and unfolding. It’s a worldwide update and impacting on all versions of Google. The Penguin 3.0 update was a refresh and impacted fewer than 1% of US English search quires.

The Penguin algorithm update primarily looks at a site’s poor backlink profile and will penalize this type of site for poor backlink profile. You can see Google’s Pierre Far’s shared post on Google+.

Penguin is an algorithm of Google, originally Google lunched in April 24 of 2012. The Penguin is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that identifies evidence of webspam and predominantly penalizes websites which has spammy links. Penguin update’s intention is to cut down spam and improve search engine results by penalizing unnatural or spammy links.

How Penguin 3.0 Update Works?

The Penguin update aim’s is review links and take action to spammy links. This update currently dose work and search engine results have changed after Penguin 3.0 rolling out. Google’s Pierre said, “This refresh helps sites that have already cleaned up the webspam signals discovered in the previous Penguin iteration, and demotes sites with newly-discovered spam.”

Google has confirmed that this Penguin update is a data refresh update so those webmasters will get benefited whose are made all the changes Google wanted. This update will bring tears from those new webmasters whose are discovered with spam. The Penguin 3.0 update targets spammy link techniques like previous penguin updates. Many sites would get penalized with the latest 3.0 update which get ranked top 10 with highly spammed keywords.

This update counts poor or spammy backlinks so if your site had boundless spammy links, this could be bring grief for you. You have created thousands of low quality backlinks for better search results or ranking high in the search results, now your site is buried deep with this latest Penguin update.

If a website getting hit by Penguin meant that this site wouldn’t recover until the next Penguin update. Even if you worked hard to cleaning up all spammy links and changes your site what Google wanted, you had to wait. For recovery if you have been doing everything in the right way this update will be a wonderful gift for you and your site will get better search results.

Advantages of Penguin 3.0 Update

One of the main and big advantages of Penguin 3.0 is that users will be benefited by get quality content by search engine results. Search engine results will be less spammy by updating this algorithm. Website owners who were worked hard month to year to create quality content they will get huge opportunity from this update, their site will get rank high in the search results.

How do You Know that Your Site got Penguin 3.0 Attack?

Whenever Google released any update for the shake of improve search engine results, SEOs and webmasters lunch into panic mode who are employing blackhat techniques. Are you get attack by this 3.0 update or not? You can use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools to identify your links legitimate or not. You can also use paid tools to know more details about your site Penguin update health.

In the Google Analytics > Audience > Overview section you will see a sudden decline in the number of visits to your site then you may got hit by Penguin. Google Analytics > Acquisition > Overview there is you will your organic search, if the organic search score number is highest than other sources then you may not get attacked by this Penguin update. On the other hand, you will see your organic search score have gone down then you may have been attack.

Penguin 3.0 Update Released- How to Recover From it's Attack

Google Webmaster tools is the another great place to know about Penguin penalty. There is in the Search Queries you can count queries, impressions, clicks, CTR, Avg. position to understand the daily activity of your site. If you see the big diminution in the number of queries, impressions, clicks and Avg. position, then there is a bad sign for your site. If your site get penalized by this update, you need to clean up the problems of your site and need to wait for next update.

Recovery Steps of Penguin 3.0

If you noticed that you are badly impacted by this Penguin update or your organic traffic numbers have down fall(within couple of days), then you should take effective steps to recover from that. First you need to figure out the wrong activity of your site. Identify the bad links is the best point to start.

Step 1- Remove Bad Inbound links: First you should identify bad inbound links that are pointing to your website. Remove all internal links that are contain exact match keyword and keyword rich anchor text. Avoid link clocking, keyword stuffing, links posted in forums and blogs, links buying, links embedded in the content and submit into article directories, anchor text links optimizing to protect your site against Penguin 3.0 update.

Step 2- Remove Bad External links: Now you should remove all external links that could be liable for your website ranking fall. First send out links removal request to the webmasters to remove your link. If you are unable to remove links then you can use Google disavow tool.

Step 3- Audit Your Content Strategy: Always audit your content strategy that can helps ensure that your site can escape from Google algorithm. Make an effort to create high quality content to attracting lots of traffic. Instead of building thousand of links in the wrong way try to earn them with amazing content. Checking your content for value, as well as remove irrelevant and spam blog comments from your blog posts.


To follow every method to recover from Penguin 3.0 update. But remember one thing you may have to wait for next Google Penguin update, then your site will come back in the search results. If you don’t want that Google’s update never attack your site, then you should choice two ways that continue provide quality content to your reader and create links in the right way that Google accept.

However, I am very happy with this Penguin 3.0 update, it’s helps to improve search engine results that users will get quality content and information.

Welcome Penguin 3.0 Update to the SEO world!


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