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What is Google authorship?How to add Google authorship to your blog


What is Google authorship?

If you search something on Google search bar then you noticed that some search results appear with a small image. That means image prove, the author is the owner of the blog. This image identify a author,identify his/her blog and it’s called Google Authorship. The author who is set up Google authorship, it’s easy to prove themselves they are the author of their content.
google authorship

Importance of Google Authorship

Google authorship is very important for the present and future SEO. Most of the authors liked have linked their content in their Google + profile.”Google authorship” gives bloggers and authors individual advantage for their verified authorship. And, their blogs get high rank in the SERPs. When articles written by verified authors then articles receive a best place in search results, displaying with author headshots next to search results and increases click-through rates. Google authorship is the great way to identify spam and Google is use it as a trick to ensure content quality and how to best present search results to users.

How to add Google Authorship

One, the rel=author tag and another authors’ Google + profiles are two easy way to set up Google authorship. First you have to create a Google + profile then upload a high quality headshot in your profile and fill out profile information. Now link your content to your Google + profile using a verified email address. Just see at below image.
google authership picture

The another step is very easy to set up Google authorship. In your Google + profiles’ you have to go “About” section then you have to go Links option then you find “contributor to” in this option use the “rel=author” tag to identify your website content.
authorship imge

If you have a site based on “WordPress CMS” then you find many plugins that will do Google authorship automatically for you.

If for any reason you want to hide your authorship then you can make your Google + profile privet so it isn’t appear in search results. Or you can remove links from your Google + profile.


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