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The 4 Most Important SEO Elements In 2015


SEO in 2015
SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is an internet marketing method which nature is always changeable and obviously this changeable nature of SEO helps us to get better search results. The Google algorithm updates forced SEO experts to get rid of spam from search engine result pages and also forced to choose the right way to build up their SEO strategies.

The 4 Most Important SEO Elements In 2015

In 2015 there is has some changes in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) from that of 2014. This year if you want to execute a successful SEO campaign for your site then you should focus on 4 important elements, these are high quality content, responsive mobile version, social media and link building.

1. Effective Content Marketing Drive Search Ranking

Still quality content is the main influencer of search ranking. People constantly asking to search engines and search engines are exist to give people answer. Search engines like Google always try to serving people quality and informative content with updating Google algorithm updates.

Businesses that build their SEO campaign without quality content and is unable to answer people’s questions in place will fail their business. So, will need to shift their business plan to create high quality content to get traffic and search engine visibility.

Unique content, keyword research and meta tags are the valuable subsets of content marketing, helping to achieve search engine visibility. You should keep an keen eye to avoid keyword stuffing, copying content, create irrelevant content etc. Quality and informative content will lead your business in the right way and helps you to create new customer and keeps your old customer coming back repeatedly. So just create informative content for your reader what they want, not for search engines(robots).

2. Responsive Mobile Design

In 2015, responsive mobile design is very important SEO element than 2014 because today’s consumers accomplish their demand by using various types of technical devices. For instance, people are using their iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc. to buy their things and also use to getting any kind of news whatever they need. Because, mobile devices are easy to use than desktop or laptop.

Google’s product Google Webmaster Tools has the Mobile Usability section under Search Traffic where users can see their site performances on mobile devices. The 5 Most Important SEO Elements In 2015=

Responsive mobile design website has much importance to Google than non-responsive site. Google has been penalizing websites which has mobile usability errors. Responsive mobile design is the another important SEO elements now which is count as a search ranking factor. You can read this post http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2014/10/17/is-google-changing-mobile-search-results

3. Social Media Presence

In today’s digital marketing world, Social media is the great marketing tool of SEO. A strong social media presence on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Instagram is very important to build a successful SEO campaign. Effective and active social media(Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc.) pages helps increasing your company search visibility.

Social media is the most convenient internet method by which you can reach your to potential customer. Up-to-date content, good relationship with customer, continue regular activity can helps you to keep up your success. Don’t leave Google+ page although Google don’t give any importance to this social site because this also be a strong way to drive prospective traffic to your site. Build informative and relevant content and let others know about it via social media.

4. Link Building Mystery arena

Quality links are still the most important matter for search rankings. Google ended the power of paid links and low-quality links, as a result website owner have to do hard work to build successful website and it takes time. Quality content, good design, social media presence can helps to create quality links from authoritative sites.

Guest blogging is the effective method to be familiar in the blogging community and a good way to create a good backlink profile. Website owner can contact with the expert writers in their subject area to create great content because quality content can achieve quality links. Google gives more importance to brand mentions(implied links) and citations(express links) to reduce the misuse of link building.

In 2015 implied links, express links and nofollowed links are also has the same importance as dofollow links to search engines. Link building takes time, so step forward in the right way.


The above 4 main SEO aspects lead the SEO in 2015 besides these you should also focus on team up with SEO experts for implementing proper plan, improve local SEO, beware of penalties, focus on variety of keywords and long tail keywords. SEO is not a magic, it takes time. Happy Optimizing in 2015!

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