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The Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Startups- Tips, Tools


The Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Startups- Tips, Tools

What is Social Media?

Social media marketing can enable by using social media. So, now what is social media? Social Media sites are internet based software and interfaces that allow people to interact with one another, sharing details lives. Through social media anyone can interact with millions of people online.

Social media is the way of communication through online, dedicated to content sharing, interaction and collaboration. Social media makes the transfer of text information, images, video, audio and photos in general increasing the knowledge of sharing their thoughts with each other by internet.

Social Media sites has not only use for personal purpose but also use these for business purpose. There are lots of social sites like Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. where you can easily share your personal or business information as you desire with other members. You can also promote or branding your products and reach out to customer using social sites for the purpose of business success.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing(SMM) is a figure of internet marketing that implements using various social media sites in order to achieve marketing opportunity. Generally, social media marketing covers activities involving social sharing of images, video and content for marketing purpose.

The goal of social media marketing is to create content that users will share these with their social network to help a company to reach out their customers, increase brand exposure and increase sales.

SMO(social media optimization) is the only one components of SMM and SMO(like SEO) is a strategy that helps to drive unique traffic to a website. SMO strategy can be done by two ways, one is promoting activity through social media sites by updating tweets, content and statuses. The another one is adding social media links to content, such as using sharing buttons in the content and RSS feeds.

Social media marketing helps to get positive feedback from customer that makes a website more approachable. Social media marketing also helps to get targeted visitors to a website that increase website popularity. The interactive system of social media give customers the benefit to discuss about their desire. The view of social media marketing is also known as social customer relationship management(social CRM).

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Startups

As a startup, social media is the best way to reach out to your target customers. Like email marketing and direct response marketing, as a startup you can also look at social media marketing, if you properly handle SMO campaign this marketing will be a strong platform for your startup business.

We all see that most of startup business take social media marketing in the wrong way like they think social media ROI is like, share and comments but these are not actually helpful to a company. So, how can you get benefited by using social media as a startup? Here is the 5 effective tips that helps you to reach out to your target audiences.

Top 5 Effective Tips For Social Media Marketing


Tip #1- Understanding Your Audiences

You have to be understand your audience what they want, looking and talking about and this is the main weapon to understand your market. If you fall in wrong audience that they won’t get any benefit to your business. You can take a look at Google Adwords keyword Planner to type keywords that how many people searching for them. You can research your audience on social sites to listen in on conversions and also keep an eye on your top competitors that what they perform for their audiences.

Many people are on social media so you can attract your target audiences to your website by providing useful information what they want. So, first try to understand what kind of traffic you need for your business then try to engage them with your great social activity. You can see your website’s traffic in the Google Analytics that they came from social sites.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing For Startups- Tips, Tools

Tip #2- Launch Right Social Media Accounts Yourself and Generate Traffic

As a startup, first you should choose the right social sites for your business goals and objectives which social sites can help you achieve those. You must have personal social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc. which social sites are your potential audiences use for managing their daily activities. Then you should start publicizing and promoting your brand on social sites and it’s important. Try to improve awareness of your service and product to your friends and followers.

After selecting your right social sites to reach out to your potential audiences gradually that will helps you to fulfill your business goals and objectives. You can hire professional social media marketing agency to manage your social sites to reach your goals or you can pay facilities like Facebook ads and promoted tweet. The another free method you can use to attract your audiences via writing relevant blog posts which your target audience is searching for. Make sure your blogs or content makes sense and helps to attract customers to your products or services. This type of inbound marketing helps you get organic traffic from Google.

Tip #3- Engage Your Visitors for Effective Social Media Marketing

Once you have got your audiences don’t put they off, to engage them with conversions you can also talk with them about your product or services and try to answer their questions. You can give your ideas, useful information and update daily fresh helpful status or blogs(not repeated posts) that helps to increase visitor engagement.

If they get satisfied and found anything relevant with their need they will visit to your website repeatedly. They post comment on your article, give like, +1, retweet and share your posts with their friends. This type of better social performance helps you get top places in Google rankings and good ranking on Google search pages is the great marketingfight for startups.

Tip #4- Continue Your Social Media Marketing

When your website or blog has achieved the target audiences, don’t stop your SMO(social media optimization) strategy. Visitors always look to social media sites for quick response and deep action and if they don’t get response right away, you may lost your customer or traffic.
So, if you are able to fulfill their instant desire through your daily social presences, you will be never lost your potential traffic or customers. You should continue your social media marketing for the sake of getting new traffic or holding your returning visitors. In the competitive world of social media marketing, you need to successfully manage your SMO strategy and try to attract more customers or visitors.

Tip #5- Continue Marketing Helps to Generate Leads

Everybody knows that content is king so try to create interesting and useful content that your reader find interesting thing what they searching for. If you continuously engage your visitors with your useful services or information, you earn their trust. You are going to be an online friend.

Beside posting interesting content you also need to speak with your potential customers, enjoy their interest and be a source of trustworthy and timely information that helps to generating leads and sales. Once you gain your identity for your wonderful marketing that easy to increase leads and sales.

Tools For Social Media Marketing

In the competitive SMM marketing world manage every social media accounts can be very time consuming like while you post your tweet, you might have forgotten to updating your Facebook status. Now it’s time to send all of social media accounts to one tool.

To make your task easier here is top 10 tools for managing your social media accounts.

1. Followerwonk

2. Quintly

3. Buffer

4. SocialFlow

5. Bitly

6. Tweepi

7. HootSuite

8. Mention

9. Spredfast

10. Feedly

In my next post I will describe about these social media marketing tools.


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