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Top 10 Free Social Media Sites Tools for Business Marketing


Top 10 Free Social Media Sites Tools for Business Marketing

Social Media Sites Power for Business Marketing

As we are continue use the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Linked In etc. to get the power of social media sites in our business. In the earliest day, people used the “Cold Calling” technique to reach out to prospective customers. Nowadays, this “Cold Calling” technique is ineffective because 80% of consumers research products online and use social media sites to get their desire products.

Social media marketing is an effective proven marketing technique for generating leads. Social media offers a smarter approach for everyone, where anyone can monitor and engage their expectation with content, events and offers. Social media sites is very powerful platform for sales terms, you can use this platform to engage and build a strong relationship with prospects. Just try to add value and try to figure out how can you help them.

Before start creating Social Media Marketing Campaigns, you need to consider your business goals. Starting a social media marketing campaign without an effective plan, this campaign will drag your business into the cave of despair, from where your business won’t reach out to your prospective customers.

So first you need to create an effective plan about your goals. Social media marketing goals are website traffic, conversation, brand awareness, creating a brand identity, communication and interaction with prospective customers. You can establish your own business goals then you can measure your social media ROI.

You can take some effective steps to keep your your business on the right way across all your social media campaigns. Such as, building a social media marketing plan before starting social media marketing campaigns, do proper keyword research and create quality content with valuable information, videos, infographics etc. that will interest your target customers. Create your social media marketing blog in which you can write about your social media efforts, success, events and contests. You can put external links in your content that you think those are valuable for your customers. Keep an eye on your competitors that can help you to do better social media marketing and for determine the success of social media marketing strategies you can use Google Analytics Tool.

How to Use Top 10 Free Tools for Managing Social Media Sites

Here is I listed top 10 free tools for managing social media sites. As discussed previously, social media marketing is the powerful way for business marketing. You can use all of your social media sites in one tools that can help to save your time and also help you to maintain all social sites in one way. So, lets see how to use these top 10 free tools.

1. Buffer


Screenshot of: Bufferapp

Buffer is the most popular app to schedule content across social media. With one click you can share your content and posts via Google plus, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. This tool lets you share content and posts without managing every social media accounts. This app also provide analytics about the engagement and reach of your posts. The Bufferapp provide free service for 2 profiles and 2 updates in the queue for each profile.

2. TweetDeck


Screenshot of: TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a twitter management tool allows you to monitor and manage your twitter feeds in one interface. Twitter is the top popular social media platform, in that’s the case TweetDeck is just for you, this tool help you to manage your whole twitter account in one interface. This tool allow you to schedule tweets and stay up to date with notification alerts. TweetDeck gives you a great opportunity to control your Twitter profile without the annoying of navigation across profile. The TweetDeck is a both free and paid tool.

3. Hootsuite


Screenshot of: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the most popular social media account management tool allows you manage multiple social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Foursquare etc. Working across multiple social sites can be very difficult and Hootsuite makes it possible for you to manage all social sites with this one. Hootsuite is the rocking platform from where you can manage multiple social sites dashboard and also you can manage conversions tracking, analytics and can see campaign results. Hootsuite is a both free and paid tool.

4. SocialOomph


Screenshot of: SocialOomph

SocialOomph is also another popular tool that allows you schedule tweets and auto follow for new followers. SocialOomph also allows you to use the dashboard of Twitter, Facebook, Linked In etc. for monitor social media activity. SocialOomph is a both free and paid tool.

5. Social Mention

social mention

Screenshot of: Social Mention

Social Mention is a real time research and analytics tool for social media sites and helps to scrapes users granted content provided by any company, product or search terms across the internet. The Social Mention will give you the most recent and relevant results, Sentiment, top keyword data, top users, top hashtags, metrics on unique authors. This tool is very helpful for social media marketers for getting all kind of social media sites information in one interface. Social Mention is a free tool.

6. Bitly

bitly social sites tool

Screenshot of: Bitly

Bitly is not also a link shortening tool it also give you real-time analytics, bookmarking sites and track clicks. Bitly works across multiple social sites and it’s link shortening service keeps your social media accounts neat and clean. Bitly is a free tool.

7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo social sites tool

Screenshot of: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a social sites tool that gives you social data on top performing content and influencers based on your search. By entering any keyword or domain will show you the most shared content over time, which can give you deep insights and ideas for your own content. It’s a free tool but pro plan allows you to monitor keywords, domain by setting up alerts.

8. Klout

Klout social sites tool

Screenshot of: Klout

Klout is a social sites tool that helps you to gage someone’s online presence. The Klout tool will allow you to measure influence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Klout a free tool.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics tool

Screenshot of: Google Analytics

Google Analytics allow you to track campaign, you can set up links for campaigns with UTM to track the campaign. You can use this URL builder to create shorten link for campaign. This is the most effective ways to track success of a specific link within a campaign. Google Analytics is a free tool.

10. Facebook Insights

Facebook Page Insights

Screenshot of: Facebook Insights

The Facebook Insights dashboard gives you all of information or analytics data for your Facebook page that can helps you to deeply understand your performance. This insights helps you to understand your visitors, are they interested or not to reading your page content. It’s a free tool.


Measuring social media ROI is a hard task. Building a brand through social media sites and improve it’s UX is the aim of every social marketers, so these mentioned above tools helps you to measures your social media marketing improvement.

Which social media management tools you use for your social media marketing success? You can share your experience with us via below comment box.


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