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Top 5 Free Tools For Competitor Keyword Research


Have you ever wanted to know what keywords your competitors are using to get first place on search engine result pages(SERPs)? Yes, your competitors researched their competitors keyword for getting first place on search engine result pages. You are also need to spying on your competitors keyword for the getting first place on search engine result pages. First you need to know-

Who are your online competitors?

Who are your online competitors?

First, doing your competitor keyword research you need to know who are your online competitors. Your online competitors are those who are competing with you for getting first place on the search engines. So, you can searched your top keywords/key phrases on search engines to see who are your competitors. After keywords/key phrases searching, which sites are ranking top 5-10 positions for these every terms? These 5-10 positions ranking sites are your true online competitors site.

You can find your competitors site by localization. Localization is where Google changes search engine results based on which location you keep in search settings. Click on the cog button, this button appears on your right hand side near the top. Now click Search Settings.

4 Top Tools For Competitor Keyword Research

Once in Search Settings, choose location and set location then save. It’s easy.

Google search settings

5 Competitor Keyword Research Tools

After trying to figure out who are your online competitors, now it’s time to spying to your competitors keyword what they are ranking for. Here are top four free tools, by used these tools you can tracking your competitors high ranking keyword. You can know what keywords are they optimizing, what keywords are they using in their PPC campaigns. These tools also will help you see what keywords bring them traffic and other interesting details that can help your SEO campaign.

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Adwords Keyword Tool is very popular and free tool for keyword research. You can simply enter your competitors site URL on the www box of Google keyword tool.

Google keyword planner tool

Google keyword planner generated a list of keyword that are relevant to that website. Like below image.

Google keyword planner tool

2. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer tool is under the moz.com so once you’re logged in to MOZ, you’ve access to this Open Site Explorer as well. After logged in to use this tool for keyword ideas and enter the competitors URL then go to the Anchor text Distribution section.

Open Site explorer tool's image

This will show you 20 keywords that your competitor uses as anchor text when link building. You can also download CSV file.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is also another top and popular tool checking competitors site. This tool show only 10 results to free users. This tool show top keywords, position in search result, CPC info, traffic estimate and other useful information.

SEMrush tool image

4. Alexa

Alexa only show 5 results to free users, but this tool also show lots of information about entered site. You can see your site or your competitors site info by enter a site.

Alexa tool image

After entering site you scroll down and see your competitors top keywords.

Alexa tool image

5. Screamingfrog

The Screaming frog SEO Spider Tool is a downloadable free keyword tool. This tool show page title, meta description, keywords, H1, H2 and other useful information.

Screaming Frog keyword tool

It’s free for download and install it in your desktop then use for getting your site or your competitors site’s information.

Screaming Frog tool

Which keyword tool you use for tracking information and which tool you think great? Share your experience with us through below comment box.


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