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Top 5 Keyword Research Tools For App Store Optimization(ASO)


Have you an amazing app? So, you need to optimize this app with ASO. There are thousands of apps downloaded by people, in the crowd of apps you need to ensure that your app rank high in the search results with ASO. So, if you want your app get more visibility and stands out from the apps crowd, you need keyword research tool.

Here I listed top 5 ASO tools. These tools help you to get your app discovered, downloaded and installed by users.


Top 5 Keyword Research Tools For App Store Optimization(ASO) 
Recently, about one month ago MobileDevHQ improved their keyword research tool. This tool is available(free) for small developers who are just focused on couple of apps. They are can use two portion of this tool unlimited keyword and competitor tracking for both Google Play and iOS.

The key features of the service provides are-

. MobileDevHQ provides very unique data.

. Help to chose better keywords.

. MobileDevHQ analyse your keyword in very optimal way.

. Both iTunes and Google Play supported.

. They offer daily email updates so you can easily know about your chart listings.

. The extra ability to export to CSV this means you can share your report with another.

App Store Optimization


AppCodes is easy to use for small developers. AppCodes has visualizing data and dispense apps’ promo codes effectively.

The key features of the service provides are-

. AppCodes is very affordable.

. AppCodes helps to track your apps’ competitors so you are kept up to date to ensure your progress.

. It helps to check the apps visibility in the app store search, so you can making the right changes. More visibility means more download.

. It provides keywords module that’s help you to see other apps’ keywords as a result you can get idea for your own keywords.

App Store Optimization Toolbox

Sensor Tower

sensor tower
Sensor Tower is a another popular ASO tool for apps developers. This is the most accurate tool, you can control of your app visibility and gain valuable insights from this tool.

The key features of the service provides are-

. This tool helps to automatically track the daily keyword rating of your apps and your competitors.

. Sensor Tower provides translating opportunity into multiple languages so that the search tool can be localized.

. Sensor Tower provides CSV report downloading opportunity.

. The competitor analysis feature can help you to tracking your competitor’s keyword rankings and category.

. The app analytics tool help to stay ahead of competition.

Sensor Tower- App Store Optimization Video


SearchMan is a very strong and good tool. It’s give you exact information about App store. SearchMan helps you to track and improve your app keywords.

The key features of the service provides are-

. SearchMan is a great informational resource.

. SearchMan analyse keywords and make apps more discoverable.

. It has very smart graphs so you can easily track your app ranking.

. It helps you to improve your apps overall SEO, as a result your apps get rank high in SERAPs and get higher amount of downloads.

SearchMan Video


Appnique is also a great keyword tool. It offers developers both post-launch and pre-launch analysis to make their apps more discoverable. It helps to track competitors and identify customer trends.

The key features of the service provides are-

. Appnique helps you to identify those keywords which your audience is using through Appnique’s big data analytics.

. It helps to identifying the combination of others keywords, so you can improve your own keyword targeting.

. Appnique offers downloading opportunity to find out important stats.

Appnique Video


Above 5 great apps keyword research tools help you to chose best keywords for your app. These ASO tools are not magic tool and it all depends how much work you want to put on them and how more effectively you can use them. It’s worth trying them out individually and make judgement for yourself.


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