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What is an Infographic and Why Infographics are Important For SEO?


What is an Infographic?

SEO Infographic

Infographic or information graphic is a visual representation of data, information or knowledge that are meant to present complex information in clearly and quickly. Infographics are beautiful and engaging, it’s a combination of information and graphics. Actually Infographic is not a new one this is an ancient process, ancient Egyptians used these infographics to present their stories of life, work, religion.
Now, in the modern days infographics used in many ways. In the content marketing competition, infographics play an important role and it’s an attractive tool for content promotion. Infographics is a fun,easy and quick way to learn about a topic without a ton of heavy reading. Here is an infographic image in the right side, this infographic describe “what is SEO?”

Why Infographics are Important For SEO?

A high quality infographic is worth than a text of thousands of words. High quality infographics are a powerful part of SEO for the inbound marketers. Infographics are an effective way to earn links from other websites which is great for SEO. Infographics is a useful strategy and are important part of SEO that do not get affected by search engine algorithm updates.

Infographics are more memorable than plain text as a result people will revisit your site. Attractive and valuable content with infographics are more shareable than normal content. Search engines gives most value to high number of social shares, long visit duration, backlinks, bookmarks, organic clicks etc.

Web users are always looking for informative, useful, relevant and proper subject matter, that they stay in long time for reading and they can share with their friends on social sites. In this point, infographics are an easiest way to create valuable content which are easy to read, easy to share, easy to understand. So high quality infographics are more shareable.

You can host your infographics in image directories (like flickr, pinterest etc.) with your site link and this is a great way to get high quality backlinks. You can also share your infographics in infographics sharing website visual.ly and social networking sites.

How to create attractive infographics

You can create your own website’s infographics that is great but it’s time-consuming. There are lots of tools where you can create nice, attractive and traffic engaging infographics such as Google public data explorer, Visual.ly, Hohli, Many eyes etc.

Day by day the demand of infographics are increasing so if you know how to use infographics for your SEO campaign then it will be gain SEO success.

So all of above information about infographics,importance of infographics and how to use infographics might helpful for you. Have any questions about infographics, let me know in below comment box.


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