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What is Link Building? Why link building is important to SEO?


What is Link Building?

What is Link Building? Why link building is important to SEO?
Link Building is called inbound links. Link building is not search engine optimization( SEO ) but an art,hart and big part of SEO. Basically, connecting inbound links to your website it’s called link building. Link building is the method where you go to other websites and get them to link to pages on your website. Link building is a time consuming method but very useful way to get backlinks and quality backlinks and very useful way to achieve high reputation from Google and other search engines.

Link building can be done in variety of ways, here I recommended top 5 ways-

. Ask people for a link

. Internal Linking

. Build Relationship

. Link Out

. Authority

In my next post I will describe how to build inbound links via above ways.

Why link building is important to SEO?

Link building is the blood of SEO. If you ever not building any links with another sites so how more people know about your site? So, in the right way, you have to build links for SEO purpose. Create informative and unique content and submit high authoritative sites like eHow where had 5.8 million unique visitors a month, EzineArticles , Squidoo etc. But only point, relevant niche and relevant topic links to your site. Otherwise, search bots count those links spammy links and readers also get annoyed with unrelated links.

Build links with authority sites, you will get quality backlinks and increase your site page rank on SERPs. Quality backlinks signify links from authority site which has unique content. If your site’s have quality backlinks then your site ranking high in search engines. Building links in wrong methods, it’s easy and not time consuming. So, stop build stupid links. Because always quality is better than quantity. If you build more quality backlinks then links help drive more visitors to your blog. It takes time but you will be success. There are many methods of build link in natural way. Build links in ethical way, as a result link building will never die and that type of SEO also will never die.


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